A Christmas [Pudding] Story

2013-12-25 16.18.15

My 2013 trifle in situ on my mother-in-law’s Christmas table.

At some point in my life, before I decided to be a chef, I developed a [literally] unhealthy obsession with making a superior Christmas trifle to the other offerings from within the family. I think this is probably the first time I took my now-quite-typical approach of refining a classic in my way and aiming to make it better for me and the other people sharing it with me.
I made all of the components myself, because I hated the store-bought sponge and I just instinctively knew that the custard could be better if it was homemade. It was a huge learning curve for someone with no training and even less patience.
These days I have a bit of a monopoly on trifle at Christmas, which is how I like it.


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