Macaron Envy

2013-12-25 08.22.29

Every now and again I have a go at making macarons, despite having been punished enough by them in this lifetime, because when I succeed it feels SO good. The feeling of smugness is addictive or something. It requires skill to attain a high level of refinement when making them so when you pull it off, you can bask in the accomplishment.
They’ve been around for centuries, so I am definitely not the first person to think ‘Let’s do a chocolate mint one and make it green and stuff’, but at the time I first made them for Christmas I thought it was a pretty sweet idea to impress my family with.
I just like how classic and neat they look, while hiding a lot of technicality and exactness (and frustration!).

The photo is of some chocolate mint and lemon curd flavoured macarons I made for my Dad for Christmas 2013. I just put them in the egg carton to protect them but Dad used it as a way to hide them from my stepbrother and eat them all himself, which is clearly what Christmas is all about.

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