‘Happiness is a Warm Bun’ -John Lennon*

One of the current aims of this blog of mine is to explore and convey my values and the philosophy that drives my work around food. So far I have done some ramblings about the importance I see in simplicity and of letting go of the perfection ideal.

To explore the thought process behind why I create the things I do and what values I hold dear, I had to think about the basic reason why I do anything: trying to be happy. I am a really happy kind of person; I have my stuff to deal with like everyone else, but characteristically I’m smiling and laughing.


My dog Nancy and me.

Part of seeking and making happiness in my life involves enjoying the happiness of others, and this probably the most fundamental driver behind my food creations. I like to see other people be as amused, entertained or pleased by the things that I am happy about as I am. Very often I am to be found shamelessly eating my way to happiness, so it stands to reason that this is one of the key values I apply to my food design, with the intention of spreading all that happiness around. And also sharing ensures that I don’t eat a whole batch of freshly baked cinnamon buns by myself.

I have previously mentioned that part of being happy is about being comfortable with who you are; which is why my valuing it goes hand in hand with my valuing and embracing the process of refinement by learning to be okay with not being perfect or creating perfect things. A lack of self-esteem, or a fear of failing, will only get in the way of being happy if I let it.

I really feel like eating a batch of a few cinnamon buns right now.

*He didn’t say/sing that at all. But maybe he should have.

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