Salted Caramel Pretzels


Putting caramel-flavoured creme patissiere into pretzels so that the caramel and the salt on top tasted great together required a lot of refinement to get right from a technical perspective, and I never quite managed it in the end, but they were a success despite that and the combination of salty and sweet, especially with caramel, is a classic for a reason.

These were originally made to be sold as a farmers’ market bakery item for those amongst us who enjoy the special market experience of grazing on food as we shop for other food. With this in mind I wanted to adapt a treat snack that was well-known and popular for its distinctive shape and look. By keeping that familiarity, I hoped that the departure from tradition with the caramel filling would not weird customers out too much.

Reference I used for the original pretzel dough base:

Brettschneider, D. (2007). Global Baker. Auckland: Random House. p. 60.


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