Welcome Back!

Today is the arbitrary date that I chose to usher in the ‘new era’ of my blog (to put a bit of a grandiose spin on things), having spent some time re-thinking and re-designing it. Did you know there really is a book called ‘Food Blogging for Dummies’? That title alone really sums up the wee journey I have taken over the last month of so.

I’m really excited to be moving on with this new design; I made the logo myself and then went full-nerd to fix up all the coding and get the blog looking the way I wanted, so it was a labour of love that I found a lot of satisfaction in. Nothing like spending literally hours typing in nonsense words and numbers then refreshing your browser screen and seeing that all that weird, magical stuff you’d being messing with actually stuck. It worked, you succeeded, the fog of confusion lifted. Kind of like cooking, really. You have to wade through a lot of mystery and nuance to figure out what it is that you want to end up with, but the more you do it, the more you understand the nature of what it is you are doing. That is one of things I love most about cooking (and blogging, I suppose); the feeling you get when all of a sudden, it makes sense, and the proof is…in the pudding. That’s a hilarious callback to the name of the blog. Aren’t you glad you’re here to enjoy such things?

To kick things off again I have a few biscuit-y things to share this week, going a little bit nostalgic and then doing something bizarre and interesting with the classic biscuit recipe.



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