Another Monday! I was intending to post a thing about Scotch pastry last week, and I thought I was on the verge of concluding the whole sorry episode and actually publishing it (it was kind of an unnecessarily drawn-out process), but then I had a sudden attack of concern that no one would have a clue what I was attempting to talk about if I tried to write instructions for it – the recipe in question being slightly more involved than others that I have posted up until this point – and decided that I needed to re-do the whole thing, with photos. So I did do it all again, with photos, and thus another weekend was spent heavily involved with pastry-making.

We have a new baby in our family, and on the pretence of bringing said baby’s parents offerings of food, my husband and I went a-visiting this weekend. I made scones, but to be honest they were nothing much to write home about, or to bring to someone’s else’s home for that matter. In hindsight, scones were an incredibly random thing to be offering to a new mother; she probably could have done with something more practical and nourishing than a tin full of baked starch and a bowl of cream. I did whip the cream though, so I’m sure that would have been really helpful to those concerned.

This week I have the afore-mentioned Scotch pastry lined up (finally), in the guise of an apple pie, and also a recipe I have working on that involves putting apples in the deep-fryer; as you do.

This new venture, called Baked – The Blog, is freshly-minted and already full of some amazing-looking recipes; worth a look I think. I also found this cool blog based on the food featured on the book/television series Outlander (which I watch fanatically every week). I am keen to try making the Atholl Brose, which as far as I can tell is an intriguing hybrid of a cream-based cocktail, and porridge.

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