Apple Fritters

apple fritter close up

The first time I had apple fritters was in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, while a woman presumably dressed as some kind of voodoo queen was singing a jazz song about jambalaya right next to me whilst throwing Mardi Gras beads around everyones’ necks. As awesome as that sounds, the fritters were in fact horrid, much like most of the food we had in Disneyland. One hotdog I ate there even had me vomiting in a lavishly Alice in Wonderland-themed bathroom stall. That was right after we rode the teacups, however, but I will continue to blame it on the hotdog and not the fact that I’d worked myself into a state of such frenzied over-excitement that I literally made myself ill. The only comestible I remember actually enjoying was a churro (that was life-changer; we bought our own deep-fryer purely so we could make churros at home).

But I digress…back to the topic at hand, that being apple fritters which aren’t terrible. Prone as I am to having odd ideas based on experiences I’ve had, I was thinking the other day about my extensive career as a tempura batter-maker at the restaurant I used to work at. My designated station was the deep-fryer; when I told my parents all about my new job this was the gist of the conversation: “I make the batter and cook the blue cod, the spring rolls and the scallops. And also the fries and onion rings.” “Oh, so you’re working in a fish n’ chip shop? Good one.” One thing I did learn from working there was that tempura is hands-down the best kind of batter because it is so light and crispy without being greasy, so I made a sweet version of it for my fritters. I haven’t tried it myself, but presumably you could recreate this recipe with any similarly starchy fruit like bananas or pears.

Apple Fritters


  • 40g / 1/3 C Cornflour
  • 50g / 1/3 C Soft flour
  • 1 tsp Baking soda
  • 1 Tbsp Icing sugar
  • Bottle of lemonade
  • 1 Large green apple
  • Extra flour for dipping
  • Cinnamon sugar for rolling


  • Peel and slice the apple into wedges. You’d get about 16 wedges out of one apple. Use a green apple if possible because their flesh tends to stay quite firm when cooked.
  • Put your cornflour, flour, baking soda and icing sugar into a bowl.
  • While whisking, gradually pour in just enough lemonade (from a freshly opened bottle; you want it to be really fizzy) so that you have a smooth batter that is flowing but still fairly thick.
  • Heat your deep-fryer to 180ºC and set up a dish with a paper towel in the base, to put the cooked fritters into.
  • Dip each apple wedge in a thin dusting of flour, then into the batter. The batter should coat and cling easily to the apple but some of it will drip off. Just use your hands because it is seriously too much of a pain to try and use tongs or anything.
  • Put the wedges into the deep fryer and cook them until they are golden, flipping them so that each side cooks evenly as it floats in the oil.
  • When your fritters are all cooked and drained, roll them in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

Serve the hot fritters with custard or caramel sauce to dip them in.

Apple fritters large



5 thoughts on “Apple Fritters

  1. I always wanted to make these! I just wanted to let you know that I have a food photo submission site (Simply Creative Recipes) and I am linking to this post if you don’t mind. You are welcome to submit your recipes to my site if you’d like.


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