Good morning! This week I am continuing with the deep-fried stuff – for those of you thinking ‘enough with the deep-fryer already’, that’s not how deep-fryers work; you have to fill them up with an exorbitant amount of oil at what feels like a great expense, then get your money’s worth by using that oil to the nth degree before you finally concede that it might be time to put away the fryer. You then also have to do a biohazard-level deep cleaning of your kitchen. Deep-fryers are fun. For those of you who don’t own deep fryers (or are sensible enough not to allow them in your home), I obligingly found this recipe from Averie Cooks which is vaguely similar to the apple fritters, but you bake instead of fry.

We had an election upon the weekend (news-flash) so I spent most of it swinging between feeling patriotic, nihilistic and just plain confused. Then came the inevitable day-after of being grief-stricken and disillusioned, with a whisky hangover thrown in for good measure. What more appropriate time to eat a few fried doughnuts than that, I mean really. There are probably rather a lot of Scots doing likewise with their battered Mars bars right now as well.

I will return to being decidedly apolitical within a few days I’m sure, it just takes a bit for my melodramatic streak to settle down. See you later in the week for fried brioche doughnuts, injected with tangy raspberry jelly! And also some leftover caramel sauce, because that’s how we do in this household.

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