I usually do a wee check-in on Monday morning but today I had to get up (or be forcibly gotten up, rather) at five in the g-dddam morning to drive my husband to the airport. And to make it even more tragic, daylight-saving having just kicked in meant that according to nature it was really four in the morning. Woe is me.


I spent my weekend developing recipes; some of you may be thinking ‘isn’t that what she does all the time anyway, given that this is a food blog?’, and the answer to that is ‘no, I really don’t. Stop with the judging.’ I spend a lot of time doing incredibly worthy things like binge-watching endless television shows and attempting to cross-stitch pictures of cinnamon buns with cute little faces. That’s not going too well, by the way…I got frustrated with it and instead did a different, more straight-forward embroidery pattern that said ‘Don’t be a dick’, and gave it to my sister. I also spend lot of time reading, which is one of the scant number of hobbies I actually share with my husband. Luckily, binge-watching television shows is another. I’m being liberal with the terming of that activity as a ‘hobby’.

So anyway, I have been working on a recipe involving bananas, the perpetually close-to-rotting fruit that is ever-present in our house. I don’t know why we even buy bananas, really, but it leads to good recipes so I’ll continue to do so.

If you follow me on my Facebook page or Twitter feed, you might have seen that I managed to get not one, but two recipes past the moderator at Foodgawker, a website that compiles food blog recipes. It is, dare I say it with only a small amount of self-loathing and shame: ‘food porn’. I think it will be my new ‘it’s 9pm and I still haven’t fed myself’ meal idea reference.

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