I just got done adding all the content from A Space for Pudding to Pinterest in one all-encompassing board that can act as another recipe index. It was a prick of a job and I was going to call this update ‘Pinternal Hemorrhage’ due to the [totally self-inflicted] pain I endured in order to sort it all out, but then I thought that was a bit too real for the title; best bury it in the body copy.

You can find this bounteous trove of photos, ranging from the well-lit and properly composed recent ones to the more atrocious ones from the early days, right here. Please repin my pins (what a god-awful sentence); the more people that see them and unwittingly stumble upon this blog to be ensnared in its metaphorical clutches, the better!

While I was sorting through the photos I found this one of me working a canapé function with my friends Liz and Robyn…naawww. Thought you might like to see it and put more of a face to the disembodied voice that prattles inanely at you every week. I’m on the right, dropping the top button on the jacket à la Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen. WHAT a dork.


Photo reproduced courtesy of Fifi Leong Pictures

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