About Me

My name is Rosie, and this is my blog. I began it partly as a project for my Bachelor of Culinary Design degree, which I am currently in the final death-throes of completing, and partly because I love writing. It is the ongoing story of my life with food.

I work as a chef for my day job, and I am also somewhat of an artist, although not very prolific. There are a fair few semi-complete artworks lying haphazardly around my home, and a constantly-present photographic light box set up on the dining table, because neither myself nor my husband have ever succeeded in folding it back into its little bag (it’s like one of those instant pop-up tents that you throw in the air and it morphs into a shelter. Our cat likes to hide in it).

My interest in food (apart from eating plenty of it) lies in creativity and application of knowledge; I value the process of refinement and love to learn. To finally get the result you’ve been hoping for from something you’ve been playing around with and figuring out for ages is really gratifying. It is also a great feeling to be able to share this knowledge, and the unique kind of happiness that comes from a love of food.

Sharing my happiness through food is my philosophy, however humble that might be.  My outlook on food is that I try to make what I love to eat and, in theory, other people are going to love it too. Kind of like a mangled application of the classic saying ‘Live your bliss and the money will follow’. Now, of course there is a balancing act involved with eating what you want to eat and eating what you should eat, but the food I have made that I actually want to talk about and show to people and share with people is the kind of food that you look forward to eating because you know it is going to make you feel good. That is what my blog title is inspired by; whenever I go out for dinner I always flick to the back of the menu first and I never hardly ever eat so much that I might not be able to have dessert, because I love looking forward to the final course.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there Rosie, thanks for the visit and the follow today. I’ve enjoyed having a look around your blog and love the sound of the PB&J sandwich best recipe best – brioche – yum!! All the best finishing your studies, and your future career in food – how exciting 🙂


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