Welcome [Back] to my Interesting Life

Bittersweet chocolate cannoli with whisky and toasted oat praline crème. Photograph ©Fifi Leong Pictures 2015. Reproduced courtesy of Liz Christensen.

Bittersweet chocolate cannoli with whisky and toasted oat praline crème. Photograph ©Fifi Leong Pictures 2015. Reproduced courtesy of Liz Christensen.

Soooo…as you may have noticed, I have not been here for a good four months. The extended explanation is that I was busy finishing up my degree, swiftly followed by moving house, and then it was Christmas, and we went to a wedding and it was all holidays and relaxing and enjoying oneself, and my boss sold her catering business which I am still clinging desperately to my place within despite not living in the right town any more, so the emoshuns from all that were a bit rough. Then I got back to my new home in a different city and just sort of checked out of my life as a chef for a while and maybe slightly went off the rails a little bit, and am only just getting back on track.

TL;DR: I am slack as fuck.

But now I am in celebration-mode because I am graduating in two days, which is a huge thing for me because I’ve had a few non-starters with regards to scholastic achievement, and also it is a year since I started A Space for Pudding (which I have literally just realised because WordPress sent me a wee virtual trophy). I have actually missed the anniversary by several days, but I am a firm believer in the concept of getting recognition and enjoyment out of your birthday and/or other party-type thing for the whole week surrounding the specific date, or at least a prolonged period beyond one measly day. I am remarkably similar to the Queen, Easter and various Mardi Gras festivals in this fashion.

I am sandwiching this blurb between photos of the latest Long Lunch event I worked on with my collaborators Liz Christensen and Steph Peirce, whom I have worked on several similar events with; I have shared them all on the blog’s Facebook page at various times. Liz Christensen has bought the catering company I work for off my old boss so it worked out rather well for me! (Apart from vacating the city that it operates in.) The lunch was held in the gardens of Olveston, which is a mini-Downton Abbey, and the dessert concept was based around the ladies retiring to the Drawing Room while the gentlemen enjoyed cigars.

All going well, you should be seeing more of me in the weeks to come! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime. Full disclosure: my Twitter account is very poorly managed and I mostly use it for Outlander and Game of Thrones fandom stuff, but as Julia Child says, ‘never apologise’.


Deconstructed chocolate Victoria sponge. Photograph ©Fifi Leong Pictures 2015. Reproduced courtesy of Liz Christensen.





Just a quick update because I spent all weekend working on an essay (and drinking and leaving my car in random places, but that’s inconsequential) and no one wants to hear about that, including me. Having casually mentioned at work last week that I might do churros for the blog, I have been constantly harangued about bringing some in for the demanding wenches lovely ladies I work with. So I guess I ought to do that…tune in during the week for the recipe!

In the meantime, here’s an awesome blog I found that recreates nerdy food from books, television and such. My favourite is the direwolf bread from Game of Thrones.


I just got done adding all the content from A Space for Pudding to Pinterest in one all-encompassing board that can act as another recipe index. It was a prick of a job and I was going to call this update ‘Pinternal Hemorrhage’ due to the [totally self-inflicted] pain I endured in order to sort it all out, but then I thought that was a bit too real for the title; best bury it in the body copy.

You can find this bounteous trove of photos, ranging from the well-lit and properly composed recent ones to the more atrocious ones from the early days, right here. Please repin my pins (what a god-awful sentence); the more people that see them and unwittingly stumble upon this blog to be ensnared in its metaphorical clutches, the better!

While I was sorting through the photos I found this one of me working a canapé function with my friends Liz and Robyn…naawww. Thought you might like to see it and put more of a face to the disembodied voice that prattles inanely at you every week. I’m on the right, dropping the top button on the jacket à la Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen. WHAT a dork.


Photo reproduced courtesy of Fifi Leong Pictures

So last week’s Monday post was supposedly an anomaly, in that it was written pretty much at the end of the day rather than the beginning, flying in the face of convention with regards to weekend updates. And I’ve gone and done it again this week because I just really hate getting up early and writing stuff before work, you guys.

This week’s recipe coming up is another banana bread one; the base dough makes enough for both this recipe and the loaf I shared last week. I always make a new recipe several times to fine-tune it and fully road-test it, and then a final time to take photos, and I was doing that on Saturday, intending to make my originally planned banana monkey bread with passionfruit and honey drizzle. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of monkey bread, you’re about to be well-acquainted with it later in the week, but basically it is bread that you can pull apart in little lumps, and has a sort of saucy coating in amongst it. I had a sudden rush of blood to the head while making it (happens often) and completely abandoned the passionfruit and honey idea to go instead with a dulce de leche-style topping, which has now beaten out ‘indenture myself to the government for, like, my whole life in order to go to culinary school’ as the best idea I’ve ever had.

I also started packing up my house to move, which is happening in two months but I forsee that it will take me just about that long to get everything packed. I did three whole boxes before I lost the will to live continue with the task at hand. Packing houses up is the WORST.

Anyone do any cooking or baking in the weekend? What did you make?


I usually do a wee check-in on Monday morning but today I had to get up (or be forcibly gotten up, rather) at five in the g-dddam morning to drive my husband to the airport. And to make it even more tragic, daylight-saving having just kicked in meant that according to nature it was really four in the morning. Woe is me.


I spent my weekend developing recipes; some of you may be thinking ‘isn’t that what she does all the time anyway, given that this is a food blog?’, and the answer to that is ‘no, I really don’t. Stop with the judging.’ I spend a lot of time doing incredibly worthy things like binge-watching endless television shows and attempting to cross-stitch pictures of cinnamon buns with cute little faces. That’s not going too well, by the way…I got frustrated with it and instead did a different, more straight-forward embroidery pattern that said ‘Don’t be a dick’, and gave it to my sister. I also spend lot of time reading, which is one of the scant number of hobbies I actually share with my husband. Luckily, binge-watching television shows is another. I’m being liberal with the terming of that activity as a ‘hobby’.

So anyway, I have been working on a recipe involving bananas, the perpetually close-to-rotting fruit that is ever-present in our house. I don’t know why we even buy bananas, really, but it leads to good recipes so I’ll continue to do so.

If you follow me on my Facebook page or Twitter feed, you might have seen that I managed to get not one, but two recipes past the moderator at Foodgawker, a website that compiles food blog recipes. It is, dare I say it with only a small amount of self-loathing and shame: ‘food porn’. I think it will be my new ‘it’s 9pm and I still haven’t fed myself’ meal idea reference.