Good morning! This week I am continuing with the deep-fried stuff – for those of you thinking ‘enough with the deep-fryer already’, that’s not how deep-fryers work; you have to fill them up with an exorbitant amount of oil at what feels like a great expense, then get your money’s worth by using that oil to the nth degree before you finally concede that it might be time to put away the fryer. You then also have to do a biohazard-level deep cleaning of your kitchen. Deep-fryers are fun. For those of you who don’t own deep fryers (or are sensible enough not to allow them in your home), I obligingly found this recipe from Averie Cooks which is vaguely similar to the apple fritters, but you bake instead of fry.

We had an election upon the weekend (news-flash) so I spent most of it swinging between feeling patriotic, nihilistic and just plain confused. Then came the inevitable day-after of being grief-stricken and disillusioned, with a whisky hangover thrown in for good measure. What more appropriate time to eat a few fried doughnuts than that, I mean really. There are probably rather a lot of Scots doing likewise with their battered Mars bars right now as well.

I will return to being decidedly apolitical within a few days I’m sure, it just takes a bit for my melodramatic streak to settle down. See you later in the week for fried brioche doughnuts, injected with tangy raspberry jelly! And also some leftover caramel sauce, because that’s how we do in this household.

Another Monday! I was intending to post a thing about Scotch pastry last week, and I thought I was on the verge of concluding the whole sorry episode and actually publishing it (it was kind of an unnecessarily drawn-out process), but then I had a sudden attack of concern that no one would have a clue what I was attempting to talk about if I tried to write instructions for it – the recipe in question being slightly more involved than others that I have posted up until this point – and decided that I needed to re-do the whole thing, with photos. So I did do it all again, with photos, and thus another weekend was spent heavily involved with pastry-making.

We have a new baby in our family, and on the pretence of bringing said baby’s parents offerings of food, my husband and I went a-visiting this weekend. I made scones, but to be honest they were nothing much to write home about, or to bring to someone’s else’s home for that matter. In hindsight, scones were an incredibly random thing to be offering to a new mother; she probably could have done with something more practical and nourishing than a tin full of baked starch and a bowl of cream. I did whip the cream though, so I’m sure that would have been really helpful to those concerned.

This week I have the afore-mentioned Scotch pastry lined up (finally), in the guise of an apple pie, and also a recipe I have working on that involves putting apples in the deep-fryer; as you do.

This new venture, called Baked – The Blog, is freshly-minted and already full of some amazing-looking recipes; worth a look I think. I also found this cool blog based on the food featured on the book/television series Outlander (which I watch fanatically every week). I am keen to try making the Atholl Brose, which as far as I can tell is an intriguing hybrid of a cream-based cocktail, and porridge.

Hope you had a good weekend! I spent mine ostensibly working on some things to share with you on A Space for Pudding, but mostly just ended up messing around with a cross stitch pattern I bought. Apparently my brain realised that I had a lot to be going on with in terms of actual work but thought I might prefer to take up a new and completely useless hobby instead. This is the pattern I bought and downloaded off Etsy; if you like gutter humour and bad puns, especially about food, you might find it relevant to your interests.


It’s going to look so cute on the kitchen wall, when I finally finish it in approximately seven months. In amongst all that procrastinating I made a lot of Scotch pastry, which I’ll tell you about later on this week. I also made some delicious maple walnut friands for my Dad for Fathers’ Day, for which I went around to his place and he gave me lunch and a vase full of flowers from his garden. It kind of felt like I’d gone wrong somewhere, perhaps at the part where he was the one being hospitable and giving, not me, but at least I made him some baked goods. I’ll share the recipe this week as well.

Welcome Back!

Today is the arbitrary date that I chose to usher in the ‘new era’ of my blog (to put a bit of a grandiose spin on things), having spent some time re-thinking and re-designing it. Did you know there really is a book called ‘Food Blogging for Dummies’? That title alone really sums up the wee journey I have taken over the last month of so.

I’m really excited to be moving on with this new design; I made the logo myself and then went full-nerd to fix up all the coding and get the blog looking the way I wanted, so it was a labour of love that I found a lot of satisfaction in. Nothing like spending literally hours typing in nonsense words and numbers then refreshing your browser screen and seeing that all that weird, magical stuff you’d being messing with actually stuck. It worked, you succeeded, the fog of confusion lifted. Kind of like cooking, really. You have to wade through a lot of mystery and nuance to figure out what it is that you want to end up with, but the more you do it, the more you understand the nature of what it is you are doing. That is one of things I love most about cooking (and blogging, I suppose); the feeling you get when all of a sudden, it makes sense, and the proof is…in the pudding. That’s a hilarious callback to the name of the blog. Aren’t you glad you’re here to enjoy such things?

To kick things off again I have a few biscuit-y things to share this week, going a little bit nostalgic and then doing something bizarre and interesting with the classic biscuit recipe.



A Space For Pudding is having what I am inaccurately choosing to call a  ‘re-launch’, which kicks off on September 1st. If you’re new here, have a look around and try out some of the recipes. If you’ve been patiently following me for a while…hang in there, buddy! I know that sounds like a cat poster. (Yeah so I recently saw The Lego Movie). Follow me on Twitter or join my Facebook page to hear more inconsequential stuff from me in the meantime, otherwise I will see you in September!