Classic Bircher Bowl

Bircher bowl title page

As I write this, I am sitting in my dressing gown feeling morose because I failed to prepare a bowl of this stuff last night, and thus woke up bereft of muesli and unable to cope with the concept of eating something different since it just wouldn’t be quite as satisfying. And also we have basically nothing else in the house appropriate for breakfast except a bunch of overripe bananas. So, here we are. All the disparaging jokes that people make about those who work from home have now manifested in me, bar the fact that this is not actually my real job but rather a vacuous drain on my husband’s resources. Those totally-unrelated-to-food adverts you are seeing on this page do not constitute a revenue stream for me, I am afraid.

However, this post is not intended to be about my impending slide towards joining a dubious multi-level marketing scheme in a desperate bid to once again ‘lean in‘ and #Thrive as an adult woman in the workforce. It is about breakfast; the most important meal of the day (not including morning tea). read more…

Biscuit Butter

biscuit butter

This week I made biscuit butter: essentially the process of making peanut butter but applied to a baked good instead of a nut. I struggled to come up with legitimate reasons for making this stuff, and never quite succeeded; I just really wanted it to exist in my life after I heard of it in an article about Trader Joe’s, the American speciality grocery store. One thing I did come up with, while I was just standing in the kitchen, vacantly eating it out of the jar with the fridge door open, was that it would be pretty ideal on French toast or waffles. It’s kinda full-on…does give you a definite feeling that your cardiovascular system is not really designed to support you eating ‘butter’ made out of cookies. So, a ‘sometimes’ food, then.   read more…