Hot Cross Buns: Redux

hot x bun title fixed

This time last year* I published my original recipe for hot cross buns, which, in an unorthodox and controversial move, excluded mixed peel. I think my exact words were that peel is ‘a scourge upon the earth’, to get Biblical about it. I have heard many times from a vocal, zealous minority that that some people actually like mixed peel and would willingly choose to ingest it. So, since I am a people-pleaser open-minded type of person, I have deigned to accommodate this faction of Easter bun-eaters with a half-arsed compromise. Simply adding mixed peel to the original recipe is of course not an option because that would be complete sacrilege and I will NOT turn the other cheek. read more…

Hope you had a good weekend! I spent mine ostensibly working on some things to share with you on A Space for Pudding, but mostly just ended up messing around with a cross stitch pattern I bought. Apparently my brain realised that I had a lot to be going on with in terms of actual work but thought I might prefer to take up a new and completely useless hobby instead. This is the pattern I bought and downloaded off Etsy; if you like gutter humour and bad puns, especially about food, you might find it relevant to your interests.


It’s going to look so cute on the kitchen wall, when I finally finish it in approximately seven months. In amongst all that procrastinating I made a lot of Scotch pastry, which I’ll tell you about later on this week. I also made some delicious maple walnut friands for my Dad for Fathers’ Day, for which I went around to his place and he gave me lunch and a vase full of flowers from his garden. It kind of felt like I’d gone wrong somewhere, perhaps at the part where he was the one being hospitable and giving, not me, but at least I made him some baked goods. I’ll share the recipe this week as well.